9/11…Does Perception Trump Reality?

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Too often, the blinding power of our perceptions stand like sentinels, obscuring, distorting & coloring our vision.

Are manipulated perceptual illusions, having little or nothing to do with underlying realities, driving the killing machine set loose by the 9/11 tragedy? Without our conscious awareness; most of us edit and censor every thing we see, based upon what we are told is true: the resulting distortions become our beliefs; beliefs that too often become our reality. We see these distortions as true and will die or kill others to defend them. Given what’s at stake, can we acquire the clarity to move beyond these deadly collective distortions?

Lets attempt to deconstruct the 9/11 tragedy with a critical eye. We can do this only if we are willing to put aside our prejudices, our usual ways of being and of seeing. If we have the courage to break out of this hypnotic trance- have the courage to move beyond our pre-conditioning- and objectively see the evidence: the 9/11 official conspiracy theory dissolves in the cloud of smoke that rose from the twin towers and building 7 on that tragic morning of September 11, 2001.

Let’s look at motivation: Conspiracies of this magnitude are created by people with unlimited resources and compelling long term objectives. A basic question is simply: who stood to gain from this tragedy? Now, with our decade long perspective, we can see clearly that the answer to this question is painfully obvious: The ongoing military, corporate and banking complex, with global hegemony as the ultimate objective, are seizing the last remaining resources on the planet… everywhere they can – under the cover of the war on, “Terrorism.” They simply needed a powerful and sustained long
term cover story to allow them to pull out all of the stops in moving their agendas forward.

These sweeping objectives require wide ranging perceptual management. To this end, control of the corporate media, is essential and not a serious problem for seasoned corporate and government spin masters. (With todays consolidation and control of the major media, they are, with rare exceptions, one and the same.) The mass media is the drum beating component of official newspeak; rallying support for even the most irrational & egregious of explanations. Repetitive cries of, “Terrorism, Terrorism,” Always point away from the real perpetrators-the real terrorists. Repetition creates its
own, “Reality” no matter how implausible: turning us away from the truth that lies right before our eyes (not to mention our ears and first responder observations.) First of all, like most slight of hand illusionist theatrics, you must create a powerful diversion…The two planes. Yes, the two planes! That slight of hand diversion was simply to keep us looking at the two planes. (All architects and engineers, who are willing to stand up) agree that the two planes had little if any impact on the structural integrity of the towers…Building 7? …Talk about shear magic: Now, there was an explanation that simply defies basic laws of physics;(Without the obvious element of controlled demolition.) A scenario requiring our complete suspension of rational thought or observation. Of all the theories brought forth, regarding the tragedy of 9/11: The “OFFICIAL” CONSPIRACY THEORY is the least credible: requiring a complete suspension of critical thought and observation…(Not unlike many other official stories circulating from Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan or Fukushima.)

We could understand the vast acceptance of the official story at the time. Shock and trauma is not a state conducive to rational observation and reflection. Repetition of the same scenes over and over drives the original message deeper and deeper into the psyche, eliciting an almost Pavlovian reflexive response…pushing all the same buttons. Looking at the basics of illusionist-magician-trickster skills, tells us much about how you pull off an obvious fraud like 9/11. However, to not see this manipulation from todays vantage point… Well, this requires a hypnotic trace of staggering proportions. Can we awake from, “The night of the living dead”? It is late in the day. Now is the time.

The obscene exploitation of the 9/11 tragedy, used to justify a continuing orgy of death and destruction, must end. We can begin that closure by asking a simple, rational question: “DO WE END TERRORISM BY TERRORIZING THE WORLD?”

If we are to move out beyond death and destruction, we must not act out of fear, but rather out of new found visions. This is a time for inspiration and renewal… A time to breath in a new way of being: out of love, a love that simply sees the reality of, “Our inseparable relationship to all that is.”

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