A Deadly Viral Contagion

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Starting out very slowly, through the millennia, a stealth virus has negotiated successfully through clans, tribes, cities, states, countries and regions. One analogy might be the biblical story, with a slightly different twist… 

We lived in The Garden, where everything was provided, interwoven and inseparable. However, increasingly, we preferred one fruit above all others. Apples were singled as the most desirable fruit in the garden. We started destroying other life forms that competed or otherwise interfered with our access to apples. Consequently, the garden was thrown into imbalance, violence and chaos;  The concepts of shortage and separation were born. The coherent life forms in the garden had no choice but to throw us out to restore balance.

The garden was no longer available, no longer our home. What to do? Our decision was to continue our efforts at control and domination. Yeah, it has a down side, but look at all the apples we’ll acquire! Other consequences are simply ignored and denial is born.

Outside the garden, it’s dark, cold and as hot as… (The concept of hell is born.) Heaven of course, is simply having enough apples: Golden of course, are preferred.

The virus continues to metastasize. Fences are built; the plague of ownership and division spread over the land. With great toil and effort we now control nature; Through agriculture we now acquire and store food. Now we have the need to protect our stores, our wealth from those who have less. (Concepts of wealth, poverty and war are born.) 

So this is the thrust of what we call civilization. (Civilization: city dwellers.) Because a city can’t raise enough of its own food, its inhabitants must acquire food and all other essential resources, from outside the city walls. Armies are essential to protect us from other like minded viral carriers and to acquire, (steal) other peoples resources. (You know the story; omnipresent armies of acquisition and defense) always on the march.

As this deadly contagion continues it’s devolutionary process it is apparent that the virus is profoundly interested in maintaining its own survival and propagation. This cancerous lesion has grown steadily over many millennia:

Continuing  to destroy or distort our relationship to other life forms; even our relationship to each other; leaving us vulnerable and alone, too often bringing with it a sense of alienation; alone in a hostile unsupportive universal; as opposed to a Mutually shared Human experience. The individual and his or her pursuits are raised to a level of separation beyond any common good. Yet, we continue to extoll this viral religion, perhaps as never before. Yet, Paradoxically, there is little evidence that we are even serving the fundamental needs of the individual. 

So here we are: this complex matrix of life. Our fundamental and inseparable reality is rarely considered in our per mutated, ultimate viral culture of, “Me-ism.” Our human need for familial and societal bonding, the welfare of others, the connection we have to all of life, has been obliterated by the contagious worship of the individual as separate from the whole. Not only is this belief destroying the human family, but is threatening all life on our planet.

Unabated, This insatiable virus continues to sweep the land, denuding this once beautiful Earth Garden: a living, pulsating, creative force; once ours to joyfully experience. This metastasis, is now in the process of consuming the last vestige of Planet Earth’s life sustaining vitality. Prophets throughout the history of this decline have sounded the alarm and shown us the way. Yet, this cancerous viral infection is so deep, so insidious, so devious at eluding the truth through hypnotic, trance like manipulation that we continue to ignore the warnings; continue to remain in mortal danger.

Until the truth becomes so obvious that we can no longer avoid or deny its reality, until we see clearly the unfolding tragedy before us, we remain in serious jeopardy. The choice is ours: give up our illusions of separation; re-establish our relationship to the garden, or our illusions will take us over the cliff.

The choice is ours…Yours and mine; in every moment.


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