Love, Beyond Illusion

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Now is the time to open our hearts to a transcendent loving energy…
a time to keep our hearts open, even to the assaults on our humanity, our sensibilities; a time to be fully alive to all we encounter, even though at times we may want to shut down out of the pain of rejection, alienation and loneliness.

A sense of urgency is in the air. It has brought with it a need to go much deeper in our quest for wholeness, oneness and for love. Love – that often abused word, casually tossed around in an endless variety of expressions, at times even used as an effective sales tool.

On a more personal level – well, we all have our dramas, our stories of love won and lost. Feeling unloved, cut off, separate and alone, is one of the most painful forms of alienation one can experience.

Is there a love that transcends our clinging, our personal and often desperate needs? Feeling half a person looking for someone out there to make us whole? Our feelings of desperation in today’s world are more common than not.

Understanding of the inter-relatedness in all of existence is essential to our feeling whole and complete. On a very deep level, often buried beneath layers of ego, fear and anxiety lay our true identity. It is there that we find love manifest, a love waiting – no, crying out for our discovery and recognition. Our heart is the home of the truly sacred. It is our heart alone that has the capacity to guide us in being fully human – to see that we are the heartbeat of the universe; to see that we are the universe manifest.

To know that we are expressions of that life energy, permeating, animating and informing all life – that we can tap into energy thatresonates throughout the vast mystery we call the universe.

Once we really get it, I mean really get it; where is there any room for the illusion of alienation? This understanding is absolutely essential to our rediscovery of the love energy at the very core of our existence. Love in the simplest of terms is about acknowledging our universal oneness, the inseparable interactive nature of all life.

Yet, we too often persist in embracing our ego identities; our minds, clouded by misconceptions and fear, are blinded by all too familiar cultural constructs.

Our anger, our rage at injustice doesn’t allow us to see something of ourselves in all that we abhor in others. We often forget the healing power of our own hearts; we forget the power, the clarity that is available to us; we forget to come from love, compassion and empathy.

When these qualities of the heart are forgotten, when in our blindness, we feel disconnected, we hunger for power, acknowledgement and acceptance: “To be somebody.” We now have become those very people who we have raged against.

Without healing our wounded, alienated souls, we can never be satiated, our hunger never eased. Our restless souls become distorted and foster fear. Psychological fear and love simply cannot occupy the same space. When our ego identity takes charge there are brief moments of pleasure followed often by extended periods when we feel alone and alienated.

Whenever this happens, the ego continues to sabotages even our best of intentions. The resulting illusion of separation destroys possibilities for empathy, compassion and love for ourselves and for others.

So let us gently invite each other to re-member. Yes, remember; to see our hearts as doorways to the soul. Remember, that we may regain access to that universal heart that will guide us and remind us of the fact that we are star dust; miracles of an intelligent universe filled with mystery and wonder.

Let us say yes to love, for it is love that is inviting us to break-out of the hypnosis of our ego illusion. It is love asking us to question our cultural myths. It is love calling us to step out of the dysfunctional stories that we tell our selves.

The way of no separation, is the way of love.

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