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I am excited to be able to inform you that I have been given a new opportunity to share ideas on a talk show on airing on Sundays at 3 p.m. Eastern Time, noon Pacific Time, on the Progressive Radio Network  –    The show will also air 24/7 on the PRN archives. To listen to the show live, just click on Listen Live on the top left of the PRN screen or click on Now Playing in the center. Or if you miss the live show, you can hear it by clicking on the Archives at the link on the top or on the right side of the PRN website screen.

This new show provides me the opportunity to talk with informative, cutting edge guests on a wide range of topics dealing with our survival on every level – physical, emotional and spiritual.

Our intention is to dissolve walls of separation and division: the illusions that destroy the possibility of our living in peace with ourselves, with others and with our environment.

We need to become healers, to heal the wounds we have inflicted, particularly the wounds that we have inflicted upon ourselves. This healing can only come from our heart-mind. Our heart-mind that has been too long neglected, will take us beyond identity, to the source: to our spiritual essence.

Together with our guests, we will share a journey of discovery. If we are to survive and thrive, it is time for us to acknowledge possibilities too long denied.

I invite all of you to join in our explorations on Sundays at 3 p.m. Eastern Time, noon Pacific time, at


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