Stepping into the light of a new day…

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Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent.
It takes a touch of genius and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction.
…Albert Einstein

Given the year just ended, many of us are filled with trepidation and uncertainty. As the new year unfolds before us, we look back on a dysfunctional, destructive and oligarchical system that threatens to continue its pathological  domination. This is clearly a suicidal  construct, dying by its own hand; even as it threatens to take all of us with it; a threat that deserves our focused attention.

It is for you and I to rediscover our true nature; a nature of heart felt oneness that will dis empower this monstrous distortion of alienation and separation; this deadly nightmare that has too long held us under its hypnotic spell.

The question then becomes; how to wake from this trance, this nightmare? This is a question worth exploring deeply if we are to survive and thrive on this finite planet…A living, nurturing home that keeps offering up new beauty and new possibilities, while we continue blindly moving forward: mindless, heartless rolling stones, crushing everything in our path.

Why is it that we continue down this path of destruction, both individually, as a people and as a species? With outstanding exceptions, we seem unable to move out of our narrowly defined ways of being. Our myopic actions define us as petty creatures, stripped of heart and of soul; mere shadows of our core reality. While death machines, military contractors, newspeak, the madness of it all… tell us much of the distortions we have become.

Our presidents, our congressional and corporate leaders seem contemptuous of truth, of reality, of oneness. living as they do, in an adversarial world of  suspicion and division. Yes, division is at the heart of the matter: the illusion of division and separation: the other. Yes the,“Other.” There always must be a suspicion of the other. Division, within and without… good and evil; fear-based, fear driven beliefs. These tools of separation and control are tearing us apart, destroying the very fabric of our lives and of all life on our earthly home. We too share responsibility for an unworkable culture spinning out of control. We too share distorted beliefs of who we really are.

However, a deeper inquiry reveals a loving creative nature, too long buried under this destructive, untenable belief system of fear and control. Fear and love cannot occupy the same space. 

So it is for each of us to take back our power through a penetrating, inspired vision… To breathe in a new way of being by acknowledging our oneness with all that is; by giving up our illusions of separation and our species fascism: by acknowledging our oneness; celebrating the tapestry of life on this sacred planet; celebrating life, rather than death and destruction.

As a powerful creative act, each of us can choose to embrace this new year with love in our hearts; moving forward with new found creativity. We can gain our strength by creating caring communities; by re birthing our spiritual nature; by recognizing our relatedness to all that is. Yes, its time to drop the illusions that threaten our soulful existence; time to embrace life, not destruction and death; time to awaken from our deadly sleep, our seemingly endless nightmares.

2012 offers us this precious moment to say no to the pathology and the pain of our past dysfunction; to say no to manipulation and division. 2012 offers us this precious moment to say yes to exploration and to the rediscovery of our loving creative nature. The choice is ours.



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