Theatre of the absurd

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As I scan the main stream news and commentary, I’m shaken by the surreal nature of the unfolding narrative, shaken by the sheer nonsense, the preponderance of bold face lies and distortions; commentary disconnected from any reality that I can relate to. This theatre of the absurd, this babel would be laughable if it weren’t so deadly.

The messages drone on unabated, day after day, acted out by corporate-governmental clones: intensely concerned looking actors from presidents to pundits reading their repetitious scripts; responding to our present and long term challenges. I’m caught somewhere between laughing and crying at the pure unmitigated distortions and self interest expressed.

Analysis and proposed solutions by a cabal of jaded opinion leaders parade before the cameras.

Their  thinly veiled agendas border on suicidal madness, while the very real questions of survival; as a culture; a  nation and as an ecosystem go unaddressed …At the same time these issues are dying to get our attention.

This madness goes unchallenged except by a few rational observers who, with rare exception, have no forum or power.

There is always the familiar rational for imperialist invasions and occupations. Bombings and the overthrow of the despot of the week, have become a regular feature on TV; rivaling the sitcoms for predictability. (Who is it this week?) Context, context anyone? Wait a minute… How many deadly illegal wars are we waging, how many illegal occupations? How many countries have we colonized? How many  millions do we continue to terrorize. How many millions have we killed in our serial, surreal illegal wars of aggression?

Throughout all of this predation, our cookie cutter presidents, in the darkest of comedic style talk about America’s concern for justice. (We have more people in prison than any other country on the planet), yet our current clone: Obama speaks of civil rights and of human rights violations… (Violations in other countries.) Violations by other leaders, (Who’s countries coincidentally, just happen to have oil, water, or are strategically located.) In concert with our fellow Colonial conspirators, we are busily grabbing every remaining resource on the planet; for this is the final roundup …as you know: “Those left with the most toys win”…or so the story goes. 

Yet more and more of us are breaking out of this matrix, rediscovering ancient cultures, and exploring spiritual paths that recognize the intuitive, the oneness inherent in all of life.

We may also ask why is it that we are the most, “Christian Nation on the planet” and also the most violent? Look around you and see how religion fosters separation. Look at Ohio or Wisconsin, see the division, see people voting again and again against their own best interests. The devastation that is created through the manipulation of ideologies by those in power is incalculable. As Machiavelli said  to the prince: “First Fein religion, then create an outside enemy.”

We, “Believers” continue to ravage the feminine: our life giving Mother Earth. Yes, look skyward, send your children off to kill and to die in support of The Empire in distant lands.

Give them bibles and tell them to pray …while the prince and those in power continue to prey.

However, this too will pass. Ultimately, reality has a powerful way of intruding itself into the best laid plans;

Imagine that we are in Nazi Germany, or The Roman Empire: (Rome’s legions were invincible, conquering all of the known world… In the end, they couldn’t even defend their own city.) We, too are standing on the brink of total collapse…

Mortally wounded beasts are irrational and very dangerous; particularly when all they have left is, “The Nuclear Option.”

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